IKIGAI: Silver & Gold

L A Y A is proud to present visual, concert, and recording artist Raymond Lauchengco's latest collection:

IKIGAI: Silver & Gold

Mr. Lauchengco’s foray into visual arts began in the 1980s, just as his career as one of the hottest teen idols of his time started to take off. Armed with a camera and a keen eye for composition, Mr. Lauchengco has since mounted four photography exhibits, with his works on view at www.raymondlauchengco.com.

The 2020 pandemic has allowed Mr. Lauchengco to explore other fields of visual art, particularly sculpture and functional art. Each piece tells a unique story, either of a personal experience or a collaboration between the artist’s vision and the medium’s potential.

This is his second presentation of artworks made during the quarantine period, and in this collection, he continues to explore the natural texture of wood with the use of metal leaf and other media.

This season, Mr. Lauchengco has come up with a limited holiday collection meant to be enjoyed throughout the year.

To book a private viewing, please message us at hello at thisislaya dot com.